About Me!

My name is Ricky Quintero
i am in High School and at the age of 16 going on 17 May 14th
i follow my mind and heart and go anywhere it tells me
this page will show mine and others
read them and please tell me what you think...

Welcome to My Life by Ricky Quintero

Welcome to my life. It is more fascinating than a world beyond ours.
From the second I wake I hear my phone and a train passing by just for a moment of my life.
It reminds me that, "I am still alive and i need to wake up and live life and not just let it pass me."
"Through the haze and the daze that lead to lonly ways," I always say to myslef get through the days but remember them as they go.
This makes me think about everything in other peoples lives and how I am happy I can be in it.
When I am happy, I get to see the wonders God has given all of us like a mother giving life, like a man saving one, like a picture being taken of that very moment to remember the day.
This is my life not yours, you don't understand my ways and thoughts.
Your definition of people, love, and peace is different than mine because in my world God has given us the choice of people we can love and bring peace to.
Welcome to my life. For fun I like to swim, sing w/ the radio, and hangout. It makes me happier than ever to know that my life can be in yours.
In the electric heaven I call to God for guidance I always make sure that he can hear my questions so he will guide me on the right path.
In my life my favorite person is my mom Chantel. She is as beautiful as a post card.
She makes me feel safe when I hear the caring sound of her loving voice. It takes me into the world of truth and never makes my life seem like Hell because in her eyes I matter and care this is my mother and I am her daughter.
Welcome to my life!