Symbolism Poem

by Ricky Quintero
I am so confused the way i feel in life
there are so many different ways
but they might be wrong or right
What should i chose i need to decide its getting late
i hope i go down the right path
to get to the end of the MAZE

Personification Poem

The letter made me cry
showing all my fears
My heart now can only sing sad songs
its not healthy to have a sad letter,
i hope people make me feel better.
by Ricky Quintero

Pattern Poem

On Monday i wake
On Monday i take the bus
On Monday i Study
On Monday i chat with my budy
On Monday i eat
On Monday i get a treat
On Monday i go to sleep
On Monday i just am not free
by Ricky Quintero

Onomatopoeia Poem

The Beach
by Ricky Quintero

Everyone look at the beach
crash, smash, crash, smash
The waves make loud noises hitting the rocks
the sounds hit our ear drums with a whoosh
everyone is quit and ears are waiting
the waves pull back with a whoosh of the sand moving with it
than another crash, smash, crash, smash!

Irony Poem

The Love
by Ricky Quintero

Your love can hurt me and try to destroy me
but I know that your love for me is strong
and you will never succeed in destroying me
because my love for you is internal 
and our love for eachother is unbreakable 

The I Am Poems

I Am
 By Ricky Quintero

I am fun, smart, an athlete, and a goal getter.
I am history, science, and love.
I am a pop, that quenches the sweet thirst.
I am the colorful rain, that paints the Earth.
I am a good job, family, and healthy for life, the goals we all want.
I am the dark clouds, that roll in with anger.
I am the brightest of all colors, the crazy of all crazies.
I am only me!

Mood Poem

All hopes for the one in bed
da dump....da dump as the beat of the heart slows down
the eyes drift away from me
watching him in bed trying to fight for life
i feel the bulets start to come out making a water fall over him
splash splash my bulets peirce his heart
the knots in my stomach grow like a tree
now the room is filled with water
he drowns with me in bed
but i wake and i am still here
and the only thing i see of him is memories and pictures
its ok though because someday
i will be the one in bed leaving and drowning

Tall Poem

The Day My Friend Turned Into a Dog
by Ricky Quintero

My friend Emily was talking to me one day. We were talking about what happened yesterday. She said she couldn't tell me but she did anyways and thats when thing went wrong. It all started with her dog, Chow. He had some of her ABC soup yesterday and started to talk. Emily screamed and Chow said stop. She stopped and they talked. After the conversation Chow said "not to say anything to anyone about this." Emily said ok but when she told me the next day she lost her voice and the only way she can speak now is like a dog but its getting worse everyday.

Simile Poem

Friends spin like colors
through a wabbaly friendship
showing emotions
they have for one another
fight for eachother
stand up for one another 
cry when unhappy
laugh and smile when happy
remember good times
when the laughter filled the air
showing the colors
of true friendship everywhere.
by Ricky Quintero

Metaphor Poem

 Boulder of Love
by Ricky Quintero

Love is a boulder
that can melt under stars
when i am with you
Love is a boulder
that you can break down with your words
Love is a boulder
that is no longer there if you are
Love is a boulder
but it turns to butter when you say I LOVE YOU!

Hyperbole Poem

by Ricky Quintero

he is small like rice but big like the sky
he jumps as high as kite
who will fly in the sky with me someday hand by hand

My Epitaph Poem

Lying Down
by Ricky Quintero

I lie down for the last time today
I finally get some sleep for once
here i lie next to my loved ones and this is where my body shall stay forever
 soul will be gone but still with you in heart
so don't worry about seeing me because you will see me when its your time
Peace and Love

Alliteration Poem

Bill blew big bubble  bigger than a bubble blower
named Hubba who worked at the babba factory
in the town of double chaba.
by Ricky Quintero